DTACT Raven automated SOC / SIEM. Next Gen cybersecurity efficiency for you.

Regain control of your data security and costs. Automated!

DTACT Raven automates your protection, detection and response efforts seamlessly.


DTACT Raven SOC/SIEM is an automated, fast, easy-to-use, multipurpose and scalable SOC/SIEM solution based on our legendary open data streaming platform. Military grade data aggregation, cleaning and enrichment. Significantly improve the relevance, quality and costs of data flowing through your SOC and SIEM system.

Available on-premise or as SaaS, DTACT Raven easily integrates with open source, proprietary and third-party software.

Mitigate cyber risks automatically

Enjoy increased cybersecurity visibility across your organisation as you finally have complete data records, evaluations and responses from a DTACT Raven single dashboard. Now, you know what you didn’t know - and automatically take action.

Utilise resources better

Complete the setup of DTACT Raven within minutes. We want you to perform analysis. detection and response right away and reduce dependence on scarce cybersecurity experts. Our automation is your key to success.

Process more data for less

Automatically clean your data before sending it to your DTACT Raven SIEM system (or any other SIEM/SOC solution of your choice) to incur less license fees and project implementation costs. We help you improve the relevance of data being analysed in the SOC and reduce the data footprint running through your SIEM.

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