DTACT Raven for SOCs and SIEMs

Regain control of your data

Every organization has data lying dormant across a wide range of sources, for both IT and OT/ICS. SOC teams try to aggregate this data to a central point before performing any analysis, but their existing SIEM systems are not designed to be interoperable and not all data gets integrated. Some, if not most, crash at high volumes resulting in downtimes across their data pipeline.

Even after aggregation, high data processing license fees put pressure on organisations as they pay for processing sheer amounts of data that often contain a lot of noise.

We understand these pain points and designed DTACT Raven for SOCs and SIEM systems. It's time you take control of your data.

Cut software license costs, grant vendor flexibility and increase quality of analysis. DTACT Raven significantly reduces your data footprint flowing through your SOC or SIEM system at incredible speed and efficiency.


Aggregate, clean and enrich your organisation’s data with Raven before distribution to other data analysis and storage tools.

DTACT Raven is a fast, easy-to-use, multipurpose and scalable open data streaming platform. As Raven is complementary and tool agnostic, you won’t have to run it at the expense of any of your existing and future vendor tools.

Mitigate risks effectively

Increase visibility across your organisation as you have complete data records from a single dashboard and you now know what you didn’t previously.

Utilise resources better

The speed and ease of implementation of the platform allow you to perform analysis and right away. Reduce dependence on scarce cybersecurity experts and completely eradicate data silos.

Process more data faster, for less

Reduce license fees of your SIEM systems and project implementation costs. Free up capacity as you rely less on L1 to L3 SOC personnel.

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