DTACT Raven for combatting COVID-19

To have situational awareness while safeguarding privacy and civil liberties.

Aggregate, clean and enrich the health and personal data stored in independent organisational and functional silos.

Together with any government or organisation, DTACT creates situational awareness and tracking and tracing options at scale for both mandatory and voluntary registration.


DTACT Raven is a fast, easy-to-use, multipurpose and scalable open data streaming platform. It easily scales to process billions of messages per hour

By design, all donated data is treated in compliance with GDPR.

Available on-premise or as SaaS, DTACT Raven easily integrates with open source, proprietary and third-party software.

Have situational awareness

Effective identification and management of clusters of healthy and affected individuals around the community.

Delegate resources efficiently

Armed with up-to-date situational awareness, authorities and can plan relevant, proactive emergency measures for their communities.

Safeguard privacy and civil liberties

A reliable data-driven approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the world that does not infringe on private and personal data.

By design, all donated data is treated in compliance with GDPR.

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