DTACT Raven is a fast, multi purpose open standard data platform

Perform better, faster and simpler data analytics

DTACT Raven is a powerful data streaming platform with a modular, brick framework.

Generate, retrieve and distribute actionable insights when you need them most.

DTACT Raven easily integrates with open source, in-house developed and third-party software.

Along with the Raven brick, we have developed a set of bricks with specific functions to

  • connect and cache data
  • manage and orchestrate data
  • transform and export data.

DTACT Raven is designed with your needs in mind; build your own bricks wherever necessary, whenever you need them.

Raven Brick

The Raven brick is a powerful data pipeline for data streaming, management and enrichment.

  • Streams data to and from our platform and other data tools
  • Scales dynamically based on need
  • Handles infrastructure orchestration to run workloads
  • Manages scheduling, monitoring and error handling

It makes sure your data gets to the right place at the right time - so that you don't have to worry about it.

Connector Brick

Connector bricks stream data to and from all systems and tools currently in use in your organisation to our pipeline. It can be ingoing and outgoing.

Data Science Brick

Data science bricks transform data to generate the insights that you need. They filter or enrich pieces of information with additional context. For example, adding geolocation to an IP address.

Enterprise Brick

Enterprise bricks offer features that make your life easier by visualising insights to optimise understanding so that you know how to act on them.

Initially developed for and implemented by the police and the military.

DTACT Raven provides critical insights from large amounts of data locked in corporate and functional silos. Generate, retrieve and distribute actionable insights when you need them most.

DTACT Raven is tool agnostic. It can be applied across any vertical and industry. Learn more about Raven's capabilities in the two use cases below.



Cut software license costs, grant vendor flexibility and increase quality of analysis. Raven significantly reduces your…

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For Anti-phishing

For Anti-phishing

Become the hunter. Identify and take down phishing sites with ease and have the evidence ready at your fingertips to wor…

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