Raven Insight provides a query and analyzer function towards Raven Fusion using SQL, PRQL or a prompt in any common language. It provides a comprehensive set of Fusion Bricks to export data and query results to Raven's own dashboard or to any other Business Intelligence platform you'd prefer to use.

The following features are included with Raven's Insight module

  • Data discovery through charts or other visualization options
  • Data discovery using geospatial data or temporal data
  • Extensive filtering and scheduling options
  • Support towards the use of external data science tools using the Postgres compatible interface and other data science tool plugins

A comprehensive, single source of truth in your organization.

The core focus of the Raven Insight AI module is to support, maintain and control the automation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning (ML) and Large Language Models (LLM) with the sole purpose of enriching your data.

By DTACT, many data model options will be provided to you off- the- shelf. Think about extensive outlier and anomaly detection options designed by our team of data engineers and scientists.

Raven Insight AI also includes the option to operationalize externally created AI, ML and LLM models in a versioned and controlled manner, creating and using so- called Insight AI bricks.