Raven's powerful Engine ensures interoperability of all other Raven modules. Manage, scale, and expand your data from 0 to 100 in only a few seconds

Raven Engine is the control room of our platform. We use bricks to organize the flow of information across various applications provided by Raven. Bricks are microservices all performing a specific task. They act as building blocks, linked together to activate your data and analytics in a dynamic system. Brick Management is Raven Engine's biggest console and allows you to manage and update bricks in a fast- changing environment.

Just build it

DTACT's engineering team already created the most common and useful bricks for you. Based on customer feedback and our own technical expertise, we populated an off - the- shelf brick repository which will be updated as part of product versioning.

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Agnostic towards 3rd party technology

Raven Engine supports deployment options on any infrastructure as single, multi- tenant or peered deployments. Use automated functions to receive, analyze, and store data both virtual and on- premise both upward and downward.

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