Raven Action is a no-code / low-code user interface to configure and manage action workflows

A coherent group of action workflows is called a 'Playbook' within Raven. Unlike other workflow management solutions out there, designed to do just that, Raven Action seamlessly integrates with Raven's Fusion and Insight layer.

Data analysis done better & faster

Raven Action goes way beyond 'just' defining tasks and workload upfront. This action layer allows free-flow configuration and reconfiguration of any desired action workflow without depending on DTACT's professional services.

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With Raven's Action Layers, you can:

  • Easily configure options to implement, tweak and manage technical use cases delivered off- the-shelf by DTACT.
  • Easily build options and manage your own technical use case variations and actions towards the desired impact.
  • Find a perfect balance between easy automation options where possible and human- in- the- loop (HITL) interactions/ decision-making where necessary.

Use no- code Action bricks in your Playbook to

  • Create triggers for alerts
  • Insert an additional query
  • Send an email
  • Enforce a human decision on action options
  • Make an API call

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