About us

Doing well and doing good.

Our purpose.

We detect, protect and respond to your organisation's data challenges.

We inspire others to follow our lead and collaborate with neuro-diverse individuals on the autism spectrum.

Our mission.

We approach problems differently.

We build complementary and vendor-agnostic solutions that will never run at the expense of your existing tools or data infrastructure.

Our impact.

We want to help you regain control of your data.

We reduce the unnecessary complexity of your internal systems and processes to improve your team's workflow and productivity.

Behind our technology.

From offices in Singapore and the Netherlands, our diverse, super-skilled and multinational team members are passionate about data and technology.

Sander Swinkels
Sander Swinkels

Chief Executive Officer

Remco Verhoef
Remco Verhoef

Co-founder & Chief Hacking Officer

Markus Keiper
Markus Keiper

Chief Growth & Marketing Officer

Thomas Gram
Thomas Gram

Head of Product

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